"I've never known anyone regret buying an original print"
Quote from Helen Rosslyn - Director of the annual London Print Fair in a recent copy of the RA magazine - 

I want to sell prints that are beautiful, decorative, affordable and accessible.
All the prints are 'limited editions' - usually one of an edition limited to 100 or 200 prints.
They are all signed and often dated, by the artist. Some will be 'Artists Proofs' - usually a small number printed prior to the commercial run - sometimes with a slightly different colour or texture.
I've chosen names that will be familiar to Tate visitors- (be it St.Ives, Liverpool or London) - David Hockney, Allen Jones, Henry Moore, Valerie Thornton etc.
I've limited my interest to prints from the inter-war years and the great explosion of printing unleashed by PoP! With it's positive exuberance for ben-day dots and screen printing (see Gerald Laing for a master example of the genre)
I have broken my own rules by including more recent prints by those active in the 60's and 70's... but what are rules for...
I try to pick the best quality example available, but often a slight blemish - or annotation (see Tess Jaray - Haven) will add to the character of the image rather than detract.

I have also recently started to collect posters - originals, mostly from the south of france.

They are hugely decorative, usually scarce and sometimes signed! A great way to start a collection!

Most of my prints will be framed - for those that aren't, I can arrange this (at cost) with John Hinds (07958737242) at his Peckham Studios.

If your search here is unsuccessful, please view the website of my friends, Dominic Kemp: and Lindy McNair:

For a short film about the November Exhibition at 155a gallery - please see YouTube: twentiethcenturyprints

geoffrey powell