poster / savary

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A figurative artist, Robert Savary (1920 - 2000) was part of the 'New School' of Paris. He was a student of Maurice Brianchon at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, and won the prize of Casa de Velázquez in 1948.
He obtained the Prix de Rome in painting in 1950 and taught in 1957 at the Regional School of Fine Arts Rouen (which he later became honorary director) while living in Paris and spending summers in Collioure. He counts René Aberlenc, Paul Collomb and Paul Guiramand among his close friends.
For more than forty years, he is part of the group of exhibitors invited by Maurice Boitel to the Comparaisons show in Paris.
The poster celebrates an exhibition of drawings and guaches at gallery 65, in canne - early september 1964

slight damage to edges - but excellent colour
a very decorative poster
beautiful white ash frame